Hello, my name is Dave Thompson and I would like the opportunity to represent you in Oshawa, Ward 4 as Oshawa City Councillor

Vote for me is a safe Ward 4!


Cops on Blocks

I support revitalizing police policy to make Ward 4 safer!

My plan - Tavis plan

  • Aim - to reduce increased crime and violent activity.
  • 3 Phases

1. Addition Durham Police Officers are assigned to area deemed to be experiencing and increase in violent activity and crime

2. Once the neighborhood is deemed safe! Maintenance level enforcement continues. This phase includes collaboration between the Durham Police Services and the City and community member organizations.

3. Durham Police Services presence is again normalized as a support system to the community that has been empowered to reduce violent activity and crime.

Purpose - Clean up the downtown area and reduce crime  Ward 4 therefore attracting new business,  development and improving our image.

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Fire Master Plan

let's support the first responders, not the consultants!

The city has listened to Fire Chief and the hired consultants but not the Oshawa Firefighters Association whose members are our First Responders!


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Downtown Urban Growth Centre

Let's support sustainable development at Bond and Mary, but let's oppose Ritson and Richmond developments which are not good for Oshawa!

I am the only candidate that has been attending the Development Service Committee that oversees the current Downtown Urban Growth Centre. I have opposed the Ritson and Adelaide development which has now been sent back to planning. I support the condominium development at Division and Bond. I also support the development at Mary and Bond. I oppose the Richmond and Mary because of the height and "Light and Shade" because the existing Richmond Street condominiums. I have expressed my concerns for the most major development on Bruce Street by Medallion. At this meeting I have expressed my concerns regarding parking, noise, garbage, fire and safety, green space, and transit. I have asked the developer to contribute to upgrade to the adjacent Huron Park and the Michael Starr Trail. I also requested the developer to provide green space for the first phase apartments.

I support the Oshawa Parks Department upgrades to Rotary Park and Glen Stewart Park. I would also keep Adelaide Park in the green zone.

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